Saturday, January 06, 2007

After a flurry of a few days that included returning home, unpacking, cleaning, assembling chapbooks, and going back to Rockford for a funeral, I have finally landed at a point where I can blissfully relax with nothing to do--well sort of. Laundry still waits, as does a bevy of new poem ideas. Today, I succeeded in assembling my little ikea drawer unit, which will tame the collage supplies that have taken up residence at one end of my work table. I'm leaving the Christmas decorations removal til tomorrow. I always hate to take them down, though out on the street the straggly wreaths and bows are depressing. We've been lucky though with the milder temperatures and no January deep freeze as of yet, which is keeping me saner than usual this time of year.

In poetry news, Simon Dedeo has a little review up at rhubarb is susan of one of my poems in alice blue. That particular poem started out as a riff (or rip-off) on Jenny Boully's rather genius The Body. The piece, incidently, can also be found in my chapbook, feign, which rumor has it, has gone to the printer as we speak, and thus should be available in no time at all. More soon...

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