Tuesday, December 19, 2006

favorite things

Every year the tv viewing world is subjected to yet another Oprah’s Favorite Things episode in which the greedy audience scrambles for ugly $600 purses and $49 hot chocolate. Why do I find it hilarious that someone who is preaching to her audience about giving to charity from meager middle class salaries is buyng $400 dog sweaters. Anyway, I was feeling in a listy mood and have some nicer, more economical, favorites I’m lusting for at Christmas, or any other time of year.

1). Pens: Pilot g-2’s to be exact. 07’s. A finely engineered piece of machinery.

2) Paper goods: stationary, postcards, etc. I have far more than I will ever send out or write upon. I've recently died and gone to heaven here and here.

3)Tea: Twinings Earl Grey and Bigelow's Plantation Mint stock my cabinets and desk drawers repectively.

4)Jewelry: I have spent WAY too much cash here this month, but they're actually really affordable.

5)Notebooks: I'm typically a fan of your garden variety spiral bound sketchbooks, but I found these recently these that are multi-colored and pertier. I, of course, bought the green one.

6)Music:. Maybe it's all the heartache, but I find myself more in a folk-country-rockish state of mind lately and The Wreckers fit the bill perfectly.

7)chocolate: also good for heartache (and with the above tea). These are my absolute favorite, but Hershey's works too.

8)fine Jamaican Rum: if all else fails.

9)Discount Cashmere: I recently found a cashmere cardigan at WalMart online for $45...it hasn't yet fallen apart.

10)small poetry things: from Dusie's wee books, to Tinysides, to Foursquare, I love getting these in the mail.

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