Friday, October 13, 2006

We seem to have hit the first cold snap of the year, and I'm still trying to figure out where I stowed my gloves back in the spring. Yesterday, some snow flurries, even this early in the year. Amazingly, I was out of bed a bit early this morning and got some on the sly and unscheduled reading done, including Michaela's Apples for Adam and Anne Boyer's Good Apocolypse. Also, printed out and packed up mss #2--instabilities to send to a press, having decided, yes, I'd like this to be a book book. (I submitted an earlier version back in the spring to somehwere when I thought it was done, but that was before the phobia poems came along.) Today, more work on my paper for Arielle's class and tweaking the layout on the next chap before I send it to the author. Also, aiming for some more work on the alice issue. I'm about halfway through laying out the 35 poets, and realized I needed more time, so I'm aiming for the 23rd.

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