Monday, October 02, 2006

It is, pardon the cliché, not raining cats and dogs at the moment, but much, much larger animals. Tonight, after turning off the Lake Shore exit onto Foster, the bus waded through what had to be about two feet of water to make the underpass. About halfway through, OF COURSE the bus stalls out. And the driver, none to wise for even trying to trying to cross it in my book, actually opens the doors and allows a good sluicing of water into the bus., about six inches worth, which quite quickly soaked my shoes. Thank you. I suddenly had terrible images of, at worse, the bus being caught and filling with water, all of us trapped, or at best, having to get out and wade through thigh high water to safety. Neither very pleasant. Luckily, the engine started up again, the water still sloshing around after we gained higher ground and eventually draining out. I think I might need a boat to get to work tomorrow.

In the mailbox, my copies of Backwards City and a package from one Juliet Cook, complete with a lovely collage, some fixins for collages, a wee little notebook, some yummy looking teas, and a “reading is sexy button,” all in exchange for archer avenue. I’ll be making some more available soon, it being Halloween season and all, and a good time for ghosty poems. Stay tuned.