Saturday, October 21, 2006

In other, less interesting news, I managed to whip my paper into shape for Emerging Poetries. It may have involved a blindfold and a flogger. It's a little foggy, but Saturday mornings on the circ desk are good for that. It's been like Christmas in October in terms of mail this week: tinysides, Foursquares, Christine's book, the new Lame House chap, collage goodies from PaperRelics and Dusie's Atelier(yes, so I can put more birds in my artwork than there already are.) Also my shoes, these and others, which I love. Plus a new corkboard for above my desk. I have two little ones, but I'm running out of space. Also chap-sized envelopes and a box of Pilot G-2's. (I'm having store phobia lately, I get cranky every time I go, so thank god for the internet.) Next week, we'll go back to our regularly scheduled program of bills and rejections.

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