Sunday, October 22, 2006

another round of the buy-my-book dance

available November 1st!
pre-order it from Ghost Road Press

unconvinced? Read a sample poem and see what other's have to
say about it here.

(And thanks bunches to those folks who've bought a copy...)


Doodlebug said...

But HEY!... What if I wanna buy a copy right from the hands that crafted it, huh? What if I want my signature too, damn it - or is it better to buy early for reasons I've not thought of?


Jessica Smith said...

it's so pretty! the cover is really eye-catching (though the girl is a bit thin and headless)

kristy bowen said...

That's the photographer, Alaina, and she is pretty thin, though not usually headless :).

Although now that I think about it, she does have alot of photos with various missing body parts.

There's probably some sort of feminist geared essay to be written about that. Male gaze, perception of the female body on book covers by women, in art, etc.

At least on the back of the book, I DO have a head and am very much not hopefully it evens out...

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the cover, BTW I owe you a copy of my book. Email me at aleahsato AT hotmail w/ the address where it should be sent.

Congrats on the pub!