Sunday, September 03, 2006

oh, glorious three day weekend. And the weather has been gorgeous, clear and crisp, very fall-like. I'm trying not to care about winter one bit at this point, that bleakness registering somewhere near the back of my mind, but I plan (am determined)to enjoy the next couple months anyway... I spent the morning assembling the last of the second printing How to Study Birds, and tweaking the layout on the print annual, which I'd like to wrap up this week and get the contributors copies out before I'm buried in coursework. I did manage to respond to all the Alice submissions last week, so the issue should be out around the end of the month, as long as I can keep on schedule. Actually, my long Saturdays on the circ desk are good for getting stuff done online, so I'm not worried. I did decide to shut down submissions for awhile, since we have a heavy backlog of general work that's come in since the spring for the winter issue and getting more before then would just be entirely overwhelming.

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