Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Last night was pretty productive in terms of class. Some great feedback on the first few poems of girl show-considerations about sections or no. Ordering, etc. I sort of like the idea of no sections, just a continuous series of little vignettes , which sort of ties in with the sideshow thing, sort of like the ten-in-one. Almost the effect as if you were walking through and looking in the windows, one after another. But then sections offer a breather sometimes, though, like we talked about in class, sometimes they tend to overshadow, overcomplicate. argh…I have no idea. I do remember that word “vignette” though also describes photographs with softened unbordered edges, which sort of mirrors the shape-shifty indeterminacy of the poems. Interesting.

In other news, the wicked alice print annual, long awaited as it is, is almost done being laid out..I just have to do the bios at the end, some tweaking, and we're set. If I would just stop being sick and feel better, things would progress much faster. What I thought were just allergies seem to have been a cold, which evolved into a rather nasty sore throat, which went away, but now I'm still stuffy and croaky, and not feeling at all like doing much beyond surviving and drinking lots of mint tea and eating soup. I think I've tackled everything I let slide in my inbox, as well as filled all the outstanding dgp orders from the last couple of weeks. Next, it's getting that print issue done, then onto laying out the all alice anniversary issue. And then, our next dgp book, Kristina Marie Darling's The Traffic in Women, which we've just started batting around cover ideas for, which should be released in late October.

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Gillian said...

Green tea will help kill the germs and give you energy. Rose hip tea has tons of vitamin C and really helps you shake a cold. Feel better!