Saturday, September 23, 2006

books, etc...

What a treat to arrive home, after a very wet, stormy commute once again, to find a package of goodies from the very generous Nicole Cartwright Denison in exchange for chapbooks, including a little Alice in Wonderland tote, some handmade paper, a wired voltive holder, and some delectable sugar scrub and bath salts. I'd also gotten some cool stuff from Jill Bergkamp last week--including great Wizard of Oz postcards. Also in the mail the past couple of days, chaps from H_NGM_N and Anne Boyer's Little Ones. I'm waiting, as well, on an amazon order with Carly Sach's the steam sequence, Matthea Harvey's first book, and CD Wright's selected, thus finishing off that nice little Amazon gift certificate I won a few months back. Now if only I had time to read..


Jylmari said...

I'm glad you liked the postcards!

Anonymous said...

sooo glad you finally received and that you dig the scrubby-stuffs. good things for cold fall eves in the windy city. woulda sent soap, too, but worried about its shelf-life in the never-ending from-nc package travels. *ack*

also, if you can, use those scrap papers i wrapped the homemade paper in-- maybe a bit flowery, but thought it could help the collage process. ya know, every little bit.

btw, your etsy offerings are fabulous. can't wait to get paid and indulge!