Sunday, September 10, 2006

After two run-throughs, finding virtually nothing wrong with the proofs, and then another since I was incredulous there was nothing wrong, the fever almanac is back in the hands of Ghost Road. And amazingly, this was the first set of galleys I’d seen --or maybe I’m just a crappy editor since dgp books always go back at least once (usually twice) for corrections. Regardless, we’re one step closer. Today, it really feels like fall---dreary,blustery, grey. Cool enough that I had to close the windows and sleep under the quilt. The days are getting shorter, too. Sucks it’s only seven and almost dark. Yesterday, I survived my first Saturday back in the library and didn’t really get anything much accomplished editing wise, but I am settling into a routine at least, which is always hard after those long luxurious summer weekends (long meaning two-days instead of one). Tomorrow, my first day of classes--”Emerging American Poetry” with Arielle at 11:00 and then the thesis seminar at 6:00 with David. There’s a longer than usual gap in between, but I’ll spend most of it camped out at Corner Bakery and try to get some writing done, which usually works, since I’m always a little inspired after class --from the readings, from discussions--(unless I’m having the opposite reaction---lividness, though that doesn‘t happen as much anymore.) Either way, it seems good for the poems.

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JHK said...

Discussion and other poetry is always inspiring. So are crisp autumn days.

I've been working with a Spanish-speaking friend and doing some translation. I really enjoy the music.