Monday, August 28, 2006

So much for getting much of ANYTHING done today. The library server apparently crashed over the weekend....thus rendering us all pretty much worthless today--no e-mail, no catalog, no circ system, no internet. *insert junkie like twitching*. So not only could I not do any press work, but could not even console myself with work work. Besides, after a rather good start, my first day back quickly plummeted as soon as I left the apartment, when I waited 20 minutes for a late and crowded bus in the rain, nearly fell asleep at my desk, got drenched even with my umbrella in my attempt to get coffee during my lunch break, and then did spent my stint on the circ desk staring at the clock and explaining every two minutes why nothing worked, and that no, I cannot pull a call number out of my ass. Grrr....I sent a couple folks up with vague destinations...graphic novels, historical memoirs, but nothing specific. We have books at this point, but no one can find where they are.


Gillian said...

What a nightmare. Or as they'd say in Office Space, sounds like somebody has a bad case of the Mondays!

Relief Map said...

I always thought being a librarian would be a lot of fun. Guess I was right, but just on the fun days.

This week was MFA orientation. As with your having to explain how nothing worked every two minutes, I considered wearing a white t-shirt with my name, birth city, and favorite poet scrawled on it in black Sharpie. Turns out talking works just fine too.