Saturday, April 22, 2006

dgp sneak peak and news

new stuff:

The Animal Husband
by Christine Hamm
dancing girl press, 2006
details here

slightly new stuff:

The Terrible Baby
poems by Rebecca Cook
dancing girl press, 2006
details here

soon to be new stuff

Watch for details on Sarah Gardner's How to Study Birds hatching in May (sorry, couldn't help myself).

not yet stuff, but available this summer:

wicked alice print annual 2006

archer avenue
kristy bowen

Plus Robyn Art's Vestigial Portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Lina Ramona Vitkauska's Failed Star Spawns Planet/Star.

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Letitia Trent said...

Hey Kristy,
I just recently bought the five chapbooks for 15 bucks from the Dancing Girl Press site & I was incredibly impressed with your chap, Errata (though I enjoyed the others as well). I just wanted to say that those are some finely made chapbooks & I love the whole idea of the press.

I think I"m gonna send some stuff over to Wicked Alice too, which I'm enjoying. I used to be a poetry editor for stirring, but somehow I totally missed your journal. I have no idea how.

Letitia T.