Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tonight, on the way home, the lake and the sky were the exact same shade. It looked like Granville just dropped off into blue. The better part of this afternoon ivolved a staff convocation, where basically all the higher ups present various goings on and initiatives to the college staff, including slides with fiscal numbers and pension plans and what not. Snore. The only part that had me interested were the new buildings planned for campus, the library getting more room in a build-out into the building next door (we have serious space issues.), and the renovation of classrooms in the English Dept. It’s really sort of repulsive over there…filthy walls and carpet, bad circulation system, bad acoustics, broken desks, not to mention either no windows at all or ones facing out onto the noisy el. I’ve never seen that sort of neglect anywhere I’ve gone to school. After this summer, we’ll no longer have to worry about the ceiling panels falling on our heads.

I’m still undecided on the whole contest issue. I don’t want to wind up throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

I did just hear that the latest issue of Rhino is now, pretty, and with poems by me (and a review written by Marybad). For anyone round Chicago, I'll be reading with some other contributors on April 2nd at the Evanston Arts Center at 2pm at the release party, which should be lots of fun. I figured it was a safe one to invite the parents to--daylight, in the burbs where they can drive, and a small number of good poets. My mom says she doesn't get most of it, but seems to like to come nevertheless.

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marybid said...

Kristy, it's a very folks-friendly reading & venue. The EAC usually has cool art installations too, and a diverse group of people attending (not just a bunch of artsy hipsters in berets). I wish I could make it to the reading! Maybe next year, when I'm not 7 months pregnant... ;)