Monday, March 13, 2006

I've been fussing over possible cover ideas for archer avenue, for when I decide to publish it. I'm still trying to shake loose a couple more peices that I know are rattling round in my head. It's pretty spare anyway, a mere 16 pages of poems. I thought about contests, but with sending feign off to to one anyway--the perennial favorite NMP/Diagram, I'm going to let this one sit it out. It's a little short anyway. I think I've finally got the cover, though, which will be rather simple, probably white cardstock and a photo of the Willowbrook Ballroom sign. I want to find some paper with a more texture since it's so plain. of course then I worry that it's too soon to be putting out another chapbook, what with errata still realtively new and the book coming out in November. Screw it, I'm antsy. I want something new to read from this summer, and since I'll most likely wind up giving them away anyhow, I suppose it doesn't matter. Still I worry about foisting too much of my work on people..being some sort of brazen self-publishing hussy, but it's so damn fun to produce and put something new out..and it's a long time til November...Incidently Ghost Road has a snazzy new website design and a blog--check it out...

In other publishing news, The Terrible Baby is proofread and done and all set for the printing. Will be doing that tomorrow, assembling on Wednesday, and getting copies out to Rebecca, Lauren, and everyone else who's ordered one. Soon. Have started working on the layout for Christine's The Animal Husband, who has blissfully already provided a cover design. And then we have books lined up one a month until July, and the print annual, and then three more later in the year.

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