Thursday, March 02, 2006


I've been a little ambivalent the past week about just about writing, poetry in general, school work, work work, all the crap that I have to do, all the ends I have to tie up. I'm on the verge of finishing a couple projects in regards to my own the archer avenue chap, which is still in need of a couple more pieces somehow, and the other thing, manuscript #2, aka feign. It's finally got a little heft to it (about 50 pages), and to be honest, I'm so done with it right about now...probably the hazards of working with something with such a narrow focus, so driven thematically. I am glad, however, I didn't just lump them in with the other book like I'd planned at one point, a 4am panic-driven decision. They're coming from a different place, a different poet even, I think sometimes.. I'd planned on just waiting and using that as my thesis, making it larger, but I'm sort of tired of it, and can't imagine having to work on it in any sort of group process like the seminar (double blah).. So it will be the girl show stuff that I'll be plugging away at from now on until then, of which I have a decent but very rough chunk of at the moment. And sideshow freaks are much more fun than eerily evocative feminist statements, don't you think? :)

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