Friday, March 31, 2006

attention, please

Tomorrow officially kicks off reading season for dancing girl press, so you, you, and yes, YOU should all submit. Check out the site for details...and the lovliness that is Rebecca Cook's The Terrible Baby, our latest release.

I am also taking poems for the 2nd All Chicago Issue of wicked alice. And the ALL ALICE ANNIVERSARY (oh how I love alliteration) due out in the Fall.Have already gotten some awesome pieces for this--so keep them coming.


In other news, the weather yesterday and today is absolutely freakin gorgeous and I can feel that nasty winter moodiness dissipating. It was so lovely to step outside and not feel my body tighten against the cold. I’m all primed for writing a poem a day again in April, and I’m also going to try to read a book (okay, a chapbook) every day and try to do mini-review/highlights here. Try being the operative word. And I’ve given myself the financial license to buy whatever books I want…my birthday coming at the end of the month…

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