Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tonight, another Art of the Library opening which has some collages like the one above in it. You will know them by their proximity to the bathroom on the 2nd floor. Once again, it seems staff members and student workers (around whom the whole program was initially concieved--as a way to reveal some of the creative doings going on among us) are continually shafted out of prime 3rd floor more gallery-like space to other floors, replaced by college faculty and other more important people-"politics" I'm told. "politics" means whoever makes the most stink, has the most clout, and does the most bitching gets what they want. *sigh* I'm probably just being petty. But things happen again and again over the course of a couple years, and you've been told, even when just jokingly mentioning the trend --not complaining--that it's "politics." basically "other people are far more important than you."

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