Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Three weeks into the semester and I'm still not crazy yet. But I'm tense, which has made the back of my neck and shoulders achy and tight. And it's gotten colder after a rather mild January so I'm hating that. I've been having plane crash dreams again (all different, but three nights in a row), and one with a church and slaughtered piglets lined up along the roadside and blood shaking itself from the trees. I keep going and going, one week running into the next and it never stops. I'm just tired I think, but I woke up in one of those hopeless funks today.

On the publishing front, I'm in the final stages of laying out the next dgp chap, which I should be able to get to the author for proofing by early next week. And in book news, I just sent off the final version of the fever almanac to Ghost Road. I'm impatient for next November. I'm impatient at least for spring.

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