Wednesday, January 25, 2006

how to read this poem

I suggest a system. A lifeboat. Or at the very least a bathtub.

I suggest you sit down.

I suggest the bird at your shoulder be ruby-throated with a milky eye. That it say inapropriate things at inappropriate times.

I suggest bringing something ruined. Or broken. Or drunk.

I suggest you take the south road. Slip beneath the piano and out the trap
door. Sneak up on it from behind.

I suggest you take a snack. An umbrella. A dictionary.

I suggest you start slowly.

I suggest you read the red skirt as a metaphor for sex. The fistful of poppies
languishing in their vase.

I suggest everything is a metaphor for sex. Even the bird.

I suggest you mind the foil, toiling in the background. It’s all very
Shakespearean. Even her red hair, very Shakespearean.

I suggest you take the setting into consideration. Or here, where the narrative
slips off its track.

I suggest you look askance when the woman opens her arms and lowers them.

I suggest you be kind. But distracted.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not just being kind, & far from distracted, I have to declare that I really enjoyed this poem.

And its partner poems down below, particularly Another Cautionary Tale.