Sunday, December 04, 2005

This morning I caught the end of a hgtv landscaping show filmed in Hawaii and nearly cried over how green and lush it was when it's so nastily cold here and grey/brown. And now fucking snowing--not beautiful, not white, but sludgy and slippery. Yesterday, I finally got the last remaining booshelves upright and filled, but then decided to have them swap places with each other and had to do it all over again. The dining room ones, the shorter 3 -shelf ones, were HUGE and completely out scale with the other furniture in the room. The tall slender 5-shelf towers look much less lumbering. The shorter ones are now in the living room where their dimensions are not quite as noticeable. So now it's fiction and novels in there and reference books and poetry collections / chapbooks in the dining room, which puts them in easier reach from the table. But I'm a little sore from all the lifting and shifting.

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