Saturday, November 12, 2005

Yesterday, I called in "sick" to get some stuff done around the apartment and this morning I wake up with a cold...what are the odds? We do however seem to be having an odd spell of warmer weather, or at least it feels like it. Of course, I'm confined to the library for the day. Have spent the morning doing final layout stuff for this years last dgp chap. I really need to start reading through the last batch of submissions for next year. I hope to have my decision made on the final two 2006 chapbooks before Christmas.

Speaking of which, by now it seems every window display is now decked out for holidays. The other night, I saw a man carrying a giant elf in front of Watertower Place nearly skewer another man walking by with it's pointy hat. And despite my vow never to eat candy again after Halloween, the campus bookstore now has those yummy mint KitKats. I had two today for lunch...

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Unknown said...

I foundyour blog! I look forward to the new chap- I think I'm still on your mail list-

At the upscale mall here in Richmond- Santa arrived LAST NIGHT!

It's crazy and just wrong.