Monday, November 28, 2005

Rockford was complete and utter chaos...not exactly restful, but not terribly unenjoyable. Two family get togethers, some shopping, endless bickering, you know the drill. Last night, I put up my new Christmas tree, taller than the old one by a foot and a half, which always seemed dwarfed by the higher ceilings. Reminds me of that first Christmas when I had just moved into my apartment--exactly five years ago this weekend--and had nothing in the living room but a couple of chairs and a tree for the first two months. Which also means it's been exactly five years ago today that I started working here. Weird. It certainly doesn't seem that long ago.

I have an essay and a book review to get revised and turned in, but then it's just working on the Archer Road thing, which I've been neglecting the past couple of weeks. And then the semester will be over, blissfully before Christmas this year unlike before. That means no nasty papers hanging over my head, no projects.

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Marissa Spalding said...

amen to that sista! no hoilday bundled with exhaustive poetic gurgling. looking forward to sunday!