Sunday, November 06, 2005

Have spent the last couple of days in organization mode. While the kitchen cupboards and my bedroom closet are fairly organized and uncluttered, the linen closet/built-in armoire thing in the hallway was a mess, as was the cabinet where I keep cleaning supplies, mops, cat litter, etc. Managed to knock those off, and finally cleared out the bottom drawer of the armoire of junk--saved gift bags, my old phone, picture frames-- and was finally able to fit all my t-shirts and such into those, which will result in alot less clothes lying around the bedroom. Plus my files are organized and the bookshelves in order, and I can actually see the table surface in dining room/study. This afternoon, however, I must tackle the entryway closet, which is basically stuffed floor to ceiling with empty boxes and packaging that never made it down to the dumpster and various decorating odds and ends I should have thrown away instead of hoarding them.

In one last attempt to save my bookshelves in the living room, I threw a coat of white paint on them, hoping to cover up the shoddy job I did three years ago, but they're still stucturally unsound, tippy and bowing shelves, none too sturdy. I finally succumbed to ordering new ones. Since I couldn't find any that were narrow enough that two could fit where I have them now, I wound up getting three skinny ones that when placed together, equal the same number of inches.
Also two matching 3-shelf ones for the other room. They won't exactly give me more any more space really, which is beginning to be a problem, but I won't have to worry about being crushed by them.

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