Monday, September 12, 2005

Today, I was making my way through the wicked alice inbox and was surprised, yet again, how awesome the submissions are in general. It used to be pretty easy...I would take anything that I liked and reject the rest. Now it's harder because I basically like most of them...and only a handful are really bad and definite rejections, and now I have to hone down what I would normally say yes too simply because of issue size. While technically we can go as big as we like, I'm limited by the amount of time I can invest in layout. Things have to completely knock my socks off to make it into the final round. Going into my fourth year of this, I find myself secretly hoping we DON'T grow any bigger in terms of notoriety and submission rates. Is that self-defeating somehow? I'm also thinking of doing another Chicago women poets issue, perhaps as a supplement to the winter issue. There's a lag between the winter release and the spring issue that would be a good time for it.


Patry Francis said...

That's probably why it feels harder and harder to get published. People are just writing too damn well!

marybid said...

I will send you some really shitty poems, Kristy. :)