Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hell of a shock when I stepped off the bus this morning to find my beloved Rain Dog Books and Café on Michigan no longer there and in its place some other random café soon to be opening. I am not a happy camper. I was just in there Friday, and while I think I’ve only bought one or two books over the last five years, I’ve made it a daily coffee stop on my way to work. Every day a caramel latte and some variety of croissant. And yet there it was, the bookshelves and cool jazz pictures all torn out and some ugly modern art thrown up on the walls. Gag. It was part of my routine, my daily splurge, enough to put me in a fairly decent mood before work could piss me off. Plus, they had the coolest reading/performance space up on the third floor. I do not like change in the least, and while it’s loss nothing on the scope of national disasters of late, it still makes me sad somehow.

The official first day of school today, and the air somehow seemed redolent itself of freshly sharpened pencils and elmer’s glue.. I’m still determined to hang onto summer tooth and nail. Intend to keep wearing my shorter flouncier summery skirts and drinking iced tea. You will have to pry my damn flip-flops off my cold, freezing feet. First goddamned mums I see, I’m ripping them out of the ground.

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