Wednesday, August 24, 2005

girl show

I may speak like a woman, but my throat
is a lovely murder, a dark tent.

Even the grift reeks of prairie heat,
the men, their teeth glowing in the gaslight.

Bed-blind and beautiful, I can recite the US capitals
while removing my stockings, can pull

a goldfish from my cunt and amber my limbs
around women like bending spoons.

For a dime, watch me fuck the menagerie’s
wan beasts in their filthy cages.

Snake charm, fire dance, sword swallow.
You can put anything in my mouth by now.

With only a thumb,
pluck the folded note of my tongue.

(not one, but TWO four letter words in there, plus bestiality...I've been reading a bit too much of Girl Show: Into the Canvas world of Bump and Grind)


Ivy said...


Brandi said...

d-AMN, girl, that's good. Love the goldfish :)

Aleah Sato said...

Wow, I really like this.

kristy bowen said...

Thanks all!

youki said...

You rock lady! Is this in The Fever Almanac. If not, it should be, unless you've already moved on. My boyfriend loves that title as well.


rebecca said...

wonderful poem. two last lines are killer.

Anonymous said...