Tuesday, August 23, 2005

By the beginning of September, Chicago poetry folk are going to be majorly sick of listening to me read. There are four (yes, FOUR) events in the next two weeks (when it rains it pours.)

First, I'll be reading in The Chicago Poetry Fest this Saturday in Lincoln Square around seven thirtyish. Two days, a whole lotta poets, Saturday in Lincoln Square and Sunday outside WomanMade Gallery (Western and Bloomingdale). Then next Tuesday night I'm featuring @ the Cafe for the first time ever (this is the one wigging me out). Then next Friday night, September 2, for the DVA Gallery series's First Anniversary (in which everyone who read in the series this past year was invited back to read.) And in two weeks during Around the Coyote at Subterranean (this one's associated with The Poetry Center and the lineup looks especially interesting).

After that, I'll go back to being a hermit....

The last couple days I've been fiddling with the collages I want to use for my peep show box art project. The boxes aren't quite so easy, though, especially getting enough light in so you can actually SEE what's inside. I thought about Christmas lights, but an electric hook-up might not be available.

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