Tuesday, July 12, 2005

ugh...looks like I won't be making it out to the poetry cram this evening after all. Last night, all night, weird chills and a fever this morning. I couldn't figure out why I was fucking cold all the sudden, and slept really badly. Am feeling rather off today, sort of nauseous, sitting here in a slight cold sweat trying to get through the last couple hours of work and I plan to just go home and crash. I considered skipping out on work today, but with folks on vacation and another person out, we're a little short of hand. I should've known with the sore throat last week I'd be getting slammed with something. Haven't been able to accomplish much in the productivity department today, though I did print a single test run on the paper I procured for the next dgp chap's cover--a pale blue grey with some texture to it. Hopefully, I can have the whole thing proofed and printed before the end of the month. I also need to assemble the run of Wicked Alices send out contributor's copies, update the website, and put up the new online issue before I leave again on the 29th. This time, two glorious weeks with nothing to do, but this time, I hope to get some writing accomplished. Nothing else, no publishing stuff, no submissions, no revisions, just some stuff on the page.

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marybid said...

Oh no! Hope you're on the mend soon, Kristy. :)