Friday, May 20, 2005

Speaking of returns, I realized when checking my account today, that I seriously need to bring some of the books I myself have checked out. I did notice what an odd combination of subjects they represent. There are of course a number of poetry collections, , a couple of manuals on writing and creativity, a couple books on women surrealists and left bank writers. Add in some on bookmaking and altered books, Joseph Cornell, and vintage poster art. Also scholarly book on Little Red Riding Hood, a host of books on erotica and feminism, two Buffy the Vampire Slayer guides, and an increasing number of books about sideshows, carnival folk, and circuses (my latest project). And last, but not least, all the decorating books that are too large and unweildy to bring back, but went home easily enough. A grand total of like 65 altogether, most of them at home somewhere, some out for a year at least, some I have no clue where they've been tucked away at. I feel guilty about hording them, but I tell myself I'm just doing my part to minimize the space crunch in some sections of the stacks.

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