Thursday, May 19, 2005

The past couple days I've felt like in some sort of limbo, just waiting for everything and everything taking way too fucking long...

There's the semester and my classes, which really needed to be over about a month ago. There's too many submissions out there in submission limbo, and the book manuscript, and the chapbook. There's the weather, which has been vascillating back and forth between muggy and rainy and way colder than it should be. There's my apartment that needs a good swift OCD no holds barred cleaning (even my dustbunnies have dustbunnies). There's end of semester library malaise...everyone wired out and crazy. I cleaned my desk out at work, deciding that there wasn't much purpose in holding onto random paperwork from 2003. My world felt a little more ordered. The Ghost Writer which I've been reading back and forth on the way to work is turning out to be rather engrossing. (In fact I wish I could go curl up in bed and finish it instead of working tonight.) All Victorian ghost stories and creepy London houses, mysterious paintings and unfortunate women marrying cruel and unsuitable men.

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