Wednesday, May 11, 2005

10 favorites

(by no means definitive and pilfered from CandyDishDoom's site)

Birds of America--Lorrie Moore (fiction that reads like poetry)
The Virgin Suicides--Jeffery Eugenides (wistful, very modern-day Faulkner)
Ariel--Sylvia Plath (no explanation needed)
Ovid’s Metamorphosis (ditto)
A Moveable Feast--Ernest Hemingway (romping about Paris and cafe-life)
Lust--Susan Minot (all about sex and adolescent angst)
Collected Anne Sexton Poems (second in my pantheon of poetry goddesses)
Wide Sargasso Sea--Jean Rhys (a less stuffy, much sexier and fairer take on Jane Eyre)
Wuthering Heights--E. Bronte (high drama on the moors--all English major girls love this book)
A Room with a View--EM Forster (I'm not sure how much my liking of this book is colored by the movie version, but both are excellent)


Heathers (sexy psychopathic Christian Later and mean girls)
Pump Up the Volume (a soundtrack that changed my musical tastes)
Party Girl (it's a library thing)
Kicking and Screaming (the movie every graduating college student needs to see)
Before Sunrise (Ah.. the 90's...a non-sappy romance. The recent sequal was good too.)
The Last Supper (not anything biblical, but a hilarious movie where a bunch of grad students in Iowa start killing off conservative assholes..)
Labyrinth (David Bowie and singing muppets--need I say more?)
The Ring (perhaps not the scariest movie I've seen,it comes close, but the most artful and disturbing)
Secretary (James Spader and kinky sex--need I say more?)
Gas Food Lodging (great indie adolescent angst film)


Hotel California-The Eagles (I was nine when I heard this while laying in bed one night and throught, wow, what a great song. And it still is.)
Dark Days --Soundgarden (grungy and depressing)
About a Girl --Nirvana Unplugged (somehow, the unplugged nirvana outshines the plugged in)
Mazzy Star--Fade Into You (associative, makes me think of weepy dorm-room make-out sessions)
Round Here--Counting Crows (any Counting Crows would do, but this one is heartbreaking)
Patti Smith--Dancing Barefoot (I searched years for the title of this song until recently)
Hole--Violet (any Hole would do, as well, but this is probably my favorite, flanked only by "gutless")
Concrete Blonde--Joey (morose and weepy in highschool)
Tori Amos--Cooling (again, any Tori song would do, but this one lately is always on my stereo)
Heather Nova--Not Only Human (same as above)

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