Sunday, April 10, 2005

Major rehaul in the bookshelf department when I realized that from across the room, it looked as if the shelf below the one that fell last week was in serious danger of meeting the same fate. I stacked all the contemporary fiction on the bottom four shelves and moved the heavy stuff that was making the supports break--all the early and mid-century American stuff to the left side which seems more secure and all the poetry books to the offending shelves with the lightest volumes--the chapbooks--on the broken side. I thought about investing in some new ones, but I rather like these and their shoddy gold paint job, which match the smaller ones in the dining room. Those shelves are completely out of control, but at least are closer to the ground so if they fall, they won't kill the cats.

Of course, since I've been good at writing everyday and it's National Poetry Month, I'm thinking of indulging in a few poetry book purchases on the way home this evening, not necessarily helping my space problem, but alas...

Lots of sunshine the past two days, though yesterday seemed a bit chilly. I am somewhat caught up on my poem a day project, though yesterday's is still a little sketchy. Court Green, a newish journal edited by some Columbia faculty, are taking subs of boutes rhyme's for next years issue--which is apparently a sonnet exersize in which a number of rhyming words are given and have to be used in the order they are given. It's proving as challenging as I suspected, though hopefully, not impossible.

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