Sunday, February 18, 2007


I have been tagged, and I will do anything to keep from actually being productive today...

Favorite movies:

1. Labyrinth
2. Heathers
3. Party Girl
4. Before Sunrise
5. Sex and Lucia
6. Dogma
7. The Ring
8. Secretary
9. The Last Supper
10. Kicking and Screaming

Runners Up: The Virgin Suicides, Gas Food Lodging, Freeway, Saved, Donnie Darko, Valmont, The Shining, A Room with a View, Mulholland Drive, The Wide Sargasso Sea, Interview With the Vampire, The Goodbye Girl, Stealing Beauty.

And I tag little sis, though her answers are probably eerily similar to mine I suppose..

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Gillian said...

Here's my list.