Friday, January 20, 2006

another cautionary tale

This one begins with girls,
candied and small boned as mice.
Begins in kitchens or hallways.

On the phone or in cars beneath picnic
blankets. When the killer comes
from the bushes. From the closet.

From the backseat of a blue Cadillac.
The girls line up like a seam. Fight back.
Fashion a rope from their hair, a compass

from a compact. When their date goes
for gas, they stab the psycho with a nail file,
hide the evidence beneath pink twin sets.

Harbor something black and lush as licorice
beneath their tongues. Swallow the man
with the hook, the stranger inside the house.

When left alone, poison the boyfriend
and bury him beneath the cellar. Slaughter
the narrative, read it backwards like gospel.

The dirty, dirty word in their mouth.


Doodlebug said...

Kristy sometimes I feel like you are writing poems just for me and I love it.

I'll take a rope of that substance, stronger than steel, hang my secrets (and girl I've got a few) from their own mouths.


kristy bowen said...


Why thank you..I'm glad you like it.