Thursday, January 10, 2013

I finally got upstairs to get some shots of the two exhibits currently up that feature some pieces from two different visual /text series that are still in progress--radio ocularia, which will be a pop-uppish sort of thing, and unusual creatures, which will eventually be a boxy ephemera contraption. Since I've been more writing-focused since the fall I have both things on hold and hope to get back to them soon (along with a million other paperish things underway.)

Otherwise, I have blurbs to write for other poets, some interview questions to delve into, another couple titles in the design stages, and a whole lot of books to assemble in the studio before week's end. But we are over the hump and hurtling towards the weekend (this week I am determined to get to the kitchen reorganization I avoided last week as my big weekend project hell or high water..)

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