Wednesday, January 09, 2013

art, or something like it

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I was excited to get to play with a new set of watercolors I scored for christmas. I'm not so much of a drawing/painting person as I am a cutting/gluing sort of artist, but these turned out better than I'd hoped. I've been obsessed with landscapes for a couple years now visually and especially like abstract ones, the one's that leave the eye and imagination to fill the details, almost as if you were looking through a frosted window (or maybe you were sort of drunk.) These little postcard paintings are sort of rough and a little moody, but still pretty. I found a way to keep working with a base color and alter it by lighter/darker, thinner/thicker. Eventually I want to incorporate more mediums into my collage work down the line as I experiment more..

At times, I find myself wishing I had fit an art class in during all those years in school. In high school I was too busy with journalism and language classes to have many free electives, and in college was all about writing classes and theater stuff.I suppose since I duh, you know , work at an art shool could take some art department classes if I wanted, but my tolerance for undergrad classmates is just about nil. A few years ago I took a community workshop at the Book & Paper center, which was awesome..I wish there was more free time for such endeavors, but I'm still stretched way too thin to even think about more school, but someday perhaps...

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