Thursday, November 13, 2014

three fall obsessions

Despite my dislike of pending winter, there is one aspect of fall I do occasionally (okay rabidly) enjoy. There's something I love about the textures of fall--sweaters, corduroy, flannel.   And of course, boots, which while they're bound to wear out their welcome come March, are still rather novel right now.

Corduroy coats & jackets. 

While there's only a brief window in which they are appropriate (ie after I've cast off cardigans  but before I've gotten out the winter wools,) I love these and have several of various cuts and colors. My fave is probably a teal 3/4 length one, but I recently procured one not unlike the one above.

mossy green and teal.

I'm usually a girl who pairs colors with only neutrals, but I love this combo, especially in knits.  I'm currently searching for something similar to this outfit, or at least something like that sweater.

FALL 2014: Plaid Dresses

plaid dresses & skirts.

At least 70 percent  of the new dresses/skirts  I've been buying this fall have been plaids.  I love them in warmer weather, but they especially seem suited to fall, especially in deep, sort of rustic colors like these.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I started this entry a week ago and then everything tipped sideways and I lost the thread.  Mostly I am muddling through, working on press business, trying to jam too many manuscripts into next year's schedule, and beginning to look at edits for major characters, whose release is aimed for December. ..It's full on fall, now, the last few leaves hanging on straggly trees and I've been indulging horror movie marathons and occasional chocolate binging in preparation for Halloween (for which I will be, in the 1950's theme we agreed upon at work-- dressing as a beatnik, complete with turtleneck and beret and long cigarette holder.)  Halloween makes me all nostalgic for childhood especially, those trick r treat expeditions and the ensuing aftermath of zombie movies and getting to stay up as late as we wanted, no matter if it was a school night (no doubt high from all that sugar.)  Of course, Halloween as a grownup usually means booze and parties, which will be happening again (or on week nights any other year for the last few, working in the library on the actual day.)   But there's something lost in that transition to adulthood, somehow....

I am also knee deep in the hotel poems, as well as maybe toe deep in the text that will accompany the strange machine collages in the next zine project, all about atomic energy and pinup girls and 1950's false nostalgia, which I am hoping to have wrapped up in the next week.  Also, another visually oriented project with the botanical paintings and some found text I'll be finishing in November.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

So another week following another 2-day weekend shift in the library and I really made some progress on my own work, including fine tuning the final adjustments on ghost landscapes and some serious writing progress on the creepy motel project, which is turning out to be sort of novel-like, but in this case collaged together from all sorts of things like letters and postcards and news clipping and journal notes.  It is also a story within a story, or maybe more like a ghost story within a ghost story. Yesterday had me frantically googling things like "grisly hotel murders" and "1950s cigarettes smoke by women" and "route 66 motels", all the sort of research that I very much like doing..

Otherwise, am making my way through a few more chapbook layouts, making a few final decisions for next years chapbook series (we are beginning to unveil next year's authors on the FB page, so keep an eye out there to see what's coming in January...).  I am also plotting how to finish the remaining zine projects for this year, and what might be coming down the pipeline in terms of creative projects for 2015. I am hoping to have the apocalypse book in the bag by the end of the year, so that leaves the motel book and some strange fragmentary beast that may be the beginnings of another book.
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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

So long time no update and I am a bad, bad blogger, but much has been afoot in the sea beneath the blog, the current under the silence.  First there are dgp manuscripts--so many pages of poetry, that I am just beginning to get a handle on.  I've been doing second read-throughs on the maybe manuscripts and releasing other back in the wild as I go.  I've been trying to get back on schedule for this year, which I am about a month behind on, but it's slower going, with a bunch of stuff still in the layout process and others just about ready to go.  There is also much afoot in the general poetry arena..upcoming readings, features, book plans, manuscripts.   But still I get antsy about other things I want to get done, mostly in the arena of paper goods and zines, including a good restocking of things for fall.

In more frivolous pursuits, I am salving my hatred of cold weather with pumpkin donuts and new dresses, most notably this modcloth lovely, which I fell in love with immediately and bought (even though it necessitated some ramen eating at the end of the pay period, along with this skirt.)  After payday, I also procured some  new boots and tights (which I figured since I will probably wear them for the next 6 months, I might as well indulge myself.)

I am definitely ready for sweater weather, having revamped my built-in drawers and moved my soap supplies to the kitchen. Which of course, since I had more room for sweaters in the drawers, meant I had more room for boots on the closet shelves, which of course meant I had to buy some more.  I did manage to find & replace my fave black pair that I wore the soles off of last winter, and managed to get an identical pair in brown.. 

Outside of impulse control issues when it comes to retail, and some weird romantic re-emergences that will be, by necessity, shortlived, I am just trudging on through...

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Monday, September 08, 2014

With my return to my regular evening library schedule and my slightly more ample hours in the studio, I have been much more organized and productive the past week than the entirety of summer.  I don't dare say I am caught up, but the state of "caught up" is a little brighter a chimerae on the horizon than the past few months.  As such, with book stuff more on the orderly side of disorderly, I can turn back to both my own projects (laying out ghost landscapes, getting salvage ready for submission,  preliminary designs on the next zine project dreams about houses and bees.) Also, all those new crafty things I continually mean to get to, but that keep getting piled under the deluge of book and other business.

There are also library/curatorial things afoot that bring some of our CC alumni/dgp authors into the spotlight, which will have us be throwing up some work by Abigail Zimmer, M Forajter, and Jessi Lee Narducci for the impending manifestation of the Aesthetics of Research Series, along with an ample list of their inspirations, research materials, and the general muck from which creation springs.  (We'll be doing more of this in the future, as well as featuring some other alumni, faculty & other CC community folks with various writing projects, both in the arts series and as part of a future blog interview series.)

The weather is turning, and promising a cooler weekend (during which I will be catching some paternal family reunion action in Rockford complete with cookouts and fire pits and s'mores aplenty..(this is the local-bound version of the usual Wisconsin trip, which didn't quite happen this year, so we're staying close to home.) I've already done the wardrobe switch from sundress to sweater dresses (and corduroy!  corduroy!) and am actually looking forward to some autumnalness.

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Monday, September 01, 2014

September already, and I am ready for the dive back into the real world.  I am trying to stave off the inevitable panic, which should have me all aflutter for at least a few days.  To sort of just relax into things rather than too much fretting and futter.  In the studio, there are still some new author copies to get out and a bunch of orders to get packed up.  There are manuscripts to read and things to submit and plans for new paper goods to get underway (including the above postcard from my unusual creatures series and a bunch of new notecard designs .) In the library, there are no doubt stacks of new textbook orders and reserve requests and general new semester busyness.  At home, grocery orders and fall cleaning and putting away summer clothes (there will be another major switchout in early October, but I like to get the really summer stuff put away after I stop wearing them--September is usually still warm enough for a lot of summery dresses to get one last wear...)

September and I still get excited about back to school and treated myself to new nailpolish and legal pads and scented gel pens in the spirit. (also some new clothes--plaids and fall florals and sweater dresses, oh my!)   A couple days back,  also hit up my favorite apple orchard for cider donuts and raspberry salsa and spotting some adorable baby goats.  Though it was still technically summer and not many apple varieties yet picked, it was rainy, clouded over, and autumn-like.  Yesterday, the annual family Labor Day fish fry , and while I don't really eat fish, there were burgers and taco dip and the giant pitcher of hurricanes.  (hurricanes I may have sampled a little much of and that left me rum-drunk and a little drowsy.) But while we say goodbye to summer, sometimes I have to wonder where it went.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

poetry odds & ends

*   We're reaching the final couple days in dgp's open submission period and already there is so much goodness in my inbox, but there is always room for more (particulary for strange little books).  I've already made it into June and accepted a few things for early next year, but I plan to dig in as soon as I am back in the city to flesh out the rest of the year.  I'm hoping to have all responses out by the end of the month.

*  A piece from girl show was featured over at Verse Daily earlier in the week--actually the title poem and the first piece I wrote for the collection, so it seems especially fitting. It was the piece that set the tone and the intention, and while it took a bit for the book in it's entirety to reach it's fruition, it's sort of the core of it.

*In other book news, just last week I sent a finalized version of major characters in minor films off to Sundress to work their magic on..the book is due out in December, which I realize will be here before we know it.  This books release feels a bit different than the others, mostly because perhaps it's a little more autobiographical, a little uncomfortably close to home (which is odd since it's my fifth full-length, and you would think by now that I'd already have written that sort of book, but really, I haven't.) the fever almanac maybe comes closest, but still, that was more about creating stories, which is what I have done with every book since.  I've eagerly put all my books in everyone I knows hands without batting an eyelash, but MCMF makes me feel a bit more vulnerable and a little more reluctant to have people I know in real life knowing that much about me.  But then "Everyone has a secret life, even you James Franco.." so really I should just get over it.

*In other, still miasmic and less formed book news, salvage is almost ready to go out into submission to couple places.  There is a lot more me in this book in places, but also a fair bit of storytelling depending on which section you happen to wander into, but there are mermaids and towns at the bottoms of lakes and surreal rural landscapes and strange illnesses. This is perhaps my most "midwestern" book, moreso than even the fever almanac, or maybe more that this book goes deeper into the things that surface in that first book, draws them out and digs around in them. The other nearly formed mss...good girls guide to the end of the world is whole other beastie of a different persuasion, but I'm hoping to have it done by the end of the year.

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