Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tonight is the eve of our second Little Indie Press Festival, an event that kicked off last year with a bang and will hopefully only grow and get better every year.  This year, we're cashing in on Wabash Arts Crawl traffic, which should be useful.  We have a smaller number of exhibitors, but it's a slightly more diverse group in flavor (from literature to book arts to visual artists & comics).  Last year, it came on the heals of another event that took a lot of prep time on my part (our very awesome horror movie trivia night I made all the questions up for), so the day of the fest, I found myself running around like I was on fire and trying to finish up all the last minute details and in general freaking out, almost to the point that it began to feel more like something I had to SURVIVE than something I could, you know, ENJOY. Sad especially since it was completely my idea and pet project--one of the things I'd dreamed we could one day do in the library.

I've realized in the last few months that this the case with most everything I do.  No matter how well prepared I am for things like these, I tend to leave small details for the day of, for the last minute, and those details end up hitting snags and obstacles and the next thing I know, I am crashing through the day trying desperately to reach the finish line.   Most notable of these things seems to be things like AWP, and open studios, and pretty much any event that involves a lot of little, fine details to make happen.  So today, I was resolute.  I would finish everything I had to do for tomorrow TODAY, all the signage needs, getting my dgp table ready to layout, organizing the zine station, corresponding with the orgs & publishers.  Tomorrow, ideally all I will have to do is move furniture, set up the zine supplies, and set out the dgp table. And then maybe, just maybe, actually enjoy the event I have been planning for months.  Maybe.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Today, I slept very late and made french toast.  Today, I wrote a blurb for a friends book.  Today, I put the finishing touches on a draft of the second half of the Plath centos project.  Today, I am not doing much but of course, trying to do everything, especially since next weekend will be busy with Halloween parades and another Sunday shift at the library.  Before that, there is a slew of layouts * cover designs to finish, the Little Indie Press to happen, some thoughts on an exciting non-poetry, library-focused writing project about to take shape. Halloween is getting closer, and I've no costumes plans, but there will be shipwreck-ghost puppets for next weeks parade if all goes well in their construction.

The daylight is noticeably shorter now, and the last couple of days overcast and dull.  The trees, all but the most dallying, are giving up the ghost.  I have pulled out sweater dresses and jackets and boots this past week. I have been trying to give in and embrace fall instead of trying to fight it.  To transform it all in my head into a warm, cozy thing and not a cold,  desolate thing.  I'll let you know how that works out.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

The last two weeks have been the same rushing train of activity and no where to step off.  First, our Uncanny Specimens week went phenomenally well, the panel interesting and informative with our artists, the printmaking fun and now one of my favorite techniques for prints and definitely one to revisit (see photos below), and  the cryptooology readings on Wednesday awesome as ever.  I was coming down with a cold and fever the final part of the week, but it's now abated, leaving only a slow raspy cough in its wake.

Last weekend included our visit to Michigan State to host a zine table at the Cultural Rhetorics conference, and then Sunday, finally a day off to right the ship, but not really at all, so I'm laying low this weekend, napping and finishing up some creative business--a conversation with one of my fellow BLP authors, Cynthia Manick, for their website,  some blurb writing for other poets, some work on the florographia centos.  Maybe some painting tomorrow with some accordian books.  I'm in the midst of really getting rolling with our Indie Press Festival plans, which is coming up in a couple weeks and for which readers need to be lined up, details ironed out, etc...It's soon followed by a workshop playing with vintage photos, which should also be fun.

In press news, I am still hacking my way through the thickest of the summer submissions and about to release another batch of chaps as soon as I get the last of the author copies due to go out out the door. Plus a whole bunch of orders I am perpetually behind on lately.  I am hoping to have responses to all subs out the door by Thanksgiving this year, so I think I am holding to the rails...Until next time,,,

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016

I seem to be unusually afflicted with a lack of focus on Mondays, so this may be rambling and foggy and barely an entry at all.   Perhaps it's the weekend, coming off a couple days that were blissfully free from obligation and mostly included sleeping and movie watching and a little bit of writing.  All very nice since I will be chained to the library next Sunday and then off to a conference the following weekend. I get a little resentful when I don't have free and clear weekends, but it seems that won't be happening until we are well into October.  

As for today, studio exploits were productive, and  I did manage to do some preliminary planning for our second Little Indie Press Festival, which is happening in late October, and did some more promo work for next week's UNCANNY SPECIMENS week, but not much else has been happening at my desk today, nor will it be happening before I leave (I also left my sketchbook and to-do lists at home, so I'm sorta flying blind today.)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Long time, no blog, but it seems like even my best, most productive days fizzle out before I actually get to turn to this space.  Still, in the library, there has been much afoot, including cooler fall, more moderate temperatures and that icy plunge back into the semester, which has so far bought boring things like spreadsheets, annual report compilations,  and textbook reserves processing, but also a rather successful Game Night followed by our best Zine Night thus far.  Now we're in the thick of it, planning for our Focus Week (taxidermy and nature-focused art) at the end of this month and the upcoming Indie Press Festival happening October 21st. The Focus week includes not only an artists panel and printmaking workshop, but now a Cryptozoology reading, which promises to be fun.  I am also hatching some more poetry related programming for spring.

dgp happenings are chugging along as usual, including assembling and sending out copies of the slew of books I've been working on that released at the end of August and reading new submissions, some of which I have already been sending out responses for.  I am trying to move through at least a few submissions everyday in order to stay within my ideal 3 month response window, but I find too much to love and will have to return to many of the manuscripts for a second read (I admit, a wonderful problem to have.)  I am hopping to be finished by the end of October with all decisions made, so we'll see how it goes.

Creatively, there is the usual struggle with allotting time for creative projects, but while the Dali project has stalled out, I've been spending a little time with some Plath centos for an artists book project I am working on (well, it's more like a project in parts, I'll write more on this later.  It's a strange thing to be living among another poets words, but sometimes, even as much as I like Plath, it feels a little too confining, so hopefully those urges can be channeled back into the Dali pieces. I did start a new batch of paintings that are a little more wildflowery and a little less lush than my other florals and I'm digging them greatly. More soon...

Sunday, August 28, 2016