Wednesday, December 07, 2016

a new collage / cover art for an upcoming dgp title...

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

little blue dog songs

Just  after the new year, I will be unveiling the very first in the 2017 zine series--this little book of Dali-inspired poems.  I talk a little bit more about this series, here., but below is a little sampling of what I've been up to.

little blue dog song no. 3
From this vantage point, all the animals are on fire. All the women piled with armfuls of broken statues and blood on their lips. I do not know what the horsewomen say when their nerves spit and zing. The inevitable movement of their hands to their mouths cupped with water. Only, that I’m speaking in metaphor, in metaphysics, the slick tongue of a butterfly in a jar. Only that I laugh, because I could die laughing here, with all the singed hair and the water rising way too slow. From this vantage point, I could turn my face away from him, but there is something terrible at my elbow. It pinches my wings and sings me to sleep.

Sunday, December 04, 2016


I once again apparently slipped down the rabbit hole and December has spit me out once again.  I've mostly been buried in a Library award application the past few weeks -both actually working on it the library and plotting it in my head outside the library., and barring the brief reprieve of Thanksgiving break (for which I was actually mostly suffering a cold), I finally was able to wrap it up on Friday and fingers crossed, the library (and Aesthetics of Research) might get some recognition for the things we do.

Which of course now means we return to the regular schedule of chapbook making, responding to the last few summer submissions, christmas shopping, arting and writing (hopefully) and winding down the semester. I'm feeling a little ragged around the edges--some general money stuff (the usual stretching dimes and fretting), some unfortunate things happening to friends (muggings, evictions) , and for me though less serious but just annoying,, a busted key stuck in the lock of my building that just broke off in my hand. (Never a good omen and $50 for a replacement.) And worse, December, which is finally bringing it's first snow. Or DUMPING, might be the appropriate word since it looks kinda harsh out there.  I always say these last two months of the year are just about surviving--getting through til January.  This year seems to be no different.

While I am making up a huge batch of chaps right now that released just before the holiday, there is another big batch on the way out and I may start the new year a little more on schedule than usual.I feel like I need to get back at chipping away at other projects I've been neglecting--mostly my own-the Dali series, other small things.  In good art news, I did manage to get some pieces into the Elgin's Side Street Studio Arts KRAMPUSLAUF! show and am currently working on some little accordian books for florographia. 

Yesterday, I binge-watched the entire Gilmore Girls revival, but today, I am library bound. I did get to set up a new display devoted to handmade gifts in the display case and making our little ARTISTREE on the wall nearby, which may just be about all the holiday decorating I can mange this year unless I catch a whim to haul out my own tree (not particularly feeling like this will happen.)  I did just find a random pack of Hot Chocolate in my desk, which is about as exciting and festive as it gets, I'm afraid.

Friday, November 11, 2016

It's been a weird week.  Tuesday night I spent a couple hours staring worriedly at my computer screen with my weird stress eyelid twitch and finally decided to go to bed and watch izombie under the covers.  I am less worried about the sort of policy changes the Trump administration has in store (which of course will also be bad) but moreso the normalization of hate culture (hate culture which obviously has been around all along) but now almost has a permission slip to reveal itself. Not only to reveal itself, but trot all over everyone else's daily existence. Even if the rest of the government body buffers us in the end from the stupidity of the oval office (well as much as it can from any conservative leader), Trump as a role model for bigotry and general asshole-ishness can't be denied. I spent a couple days a little shocked that I am apparently surrounded in this world by monsters and idiots, but then again, as many of my POC and and non-straight or non-cisgenedered friends say, this was not something we didn't already know.

So instead I've been trying to find beauty in a very not beautiful world and maybe it's working on my mood or maybe not, but I've been keeping my head down. In  the library,I am submerged in drafting an award application with an impending deadline and trying to think ahead to next semester. At the studio, there are layouts and orders to get out, and submissions still rattling in the bottom of the submission inbox.   There are still poems to write and things to make and other projects to immerse myself in.   Nothing really had changed Weds. morning when I woke up from a rather fitful night's sleep, but then everything had sort of changed. We still do not live in a world where a woman can be president.  Where a woman can be treated as anything but fuckable or maternal, or good for any role beyond the ones men have placed her in.  But then again, maybe we already knew this.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Photo Transfers

Some shots from our October DIY SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY workshop last week...

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Little Indie Press Festival

(now updated with photos!)

Tonight is the eve of our second Little Indie Press Festival, an event that kicked off last year with a bang and will hopefully only grow and get better every year.  This year, we're cashing in on Wabash Arts Crawl traffic, which should be useful.  We have a smaller number of exhibitors, but it's a slightly more diverse group in flavor (from literature to book arts to visual artists & comics).  Last year, it came on the heals of another event that took a lot of prep time on my part (our very awesome horror movie trivia night I made all the questions up for), so the day of the fest, I found myself running around like I was on fire and trying to finish up all the last minute details and in general freaking out, almost to the point that it began to feel more like something I had to SURVIVE than something I could, you know, ENJOY. Sad especially since it was completely my idea and pet project--one of the things I'd dreamed we could one day do in the library.

I've realized in the last few months that this the case with most everything I do.  No matter how well prepared I am for things like these, I tend to leave small details for the day of, for the last minute, and those details end up hitting snags and obstacles and the next thing I know, I am crashing through the day trying desperately to reach the finish line.   Most notable of these things seems to be things like AWP, and open studios, and pretty much any event that involves a lot of little, fine details to make happen.  So today, I was resolute.  I would finish everything I had to do for tomorrow TODAY, all the signage needs, getting my dgp table ready to layout, organizing the zine station, corresponding with the orgs & publishers.  Tomorrow, ideally all I will have to do is move furniture, set up the zine supplies, and set out the dgp table. And then maybe, just maybe, actually enjoy the event I have been planning for months.  Maybe.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Today, I slept very late and made french toast.  Today, I wrote a blurb for a friends book.  Today, I put the finishing touches on a draft of the second half of the Plath centos project.  Today, I am not doing much but of course, trying to do everything, especially since next weekend will be busy with Halloween parades and another Sunday shift at the library.  Before that, there is a slew of layouts * cover designs to finish, the Little Indie Press to happen, some thoughts on an exciting non-poetry, library-focused writing project about to take shape. Halloween is getting closer, and I've no costumes plans, but there will be shipwreck-ghost puppets for next weeks parade if all goes well in their construction.

The daylight is noticeably shorter now, and the last couple of days overcast and dull.  The trees, all but the most dallying, are giving up the ghost.  I have pulled out sweater dresses and jackets and boots this past week. I have been trying to give in and embrace fall instead of trying to fight it.  To transform it all in my head into a warm, cozy thing and not a cold,  desolate thing.  I'll let you know how that works out.