Thursday, May 03, 2012

There are weeks when the world seems to take more than it gives. Weeks when everyone seems to need something from me that I cannot, due to whatever reason, seem to be able to deliver. I can never pinpoint the exact sort of situations that bring about this feeling, but it's there and it comes and goes. Meanwhile, we are awash in a sea of returns at work, books everywhere and I start to get sick of looking at them for awhile. I am getting plenty of sleep, but I guess I just feel mentally exhausted but physically antsy, like I just want to tune out and do mindless things like play around on Pinterest and watch Youtube videos of trashy eighties music. I did finish another mermaid piece last night in a sudden fit of productivity, and I've been laying out new books on schedule (well on some sort of schedule). I still feel like I'm moving through a thick mental fog, though and I hope it abates. My dreams are getting weirder too, full of angry robot nurses and old crushes. Next week, I'll get some evenings in the studio at least to work on stuff without having to rush off to work, so that will be nice.

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