Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Today, I am listless and cranky and not nearly as motivated as I would like to be. I keep waking up at dawn and can't get back to sleep. It throws a wrench in my schedule and makes me exhausted earlier than I should be. I am also ravenously hungry, and in particular, hungry for soup, so wound up eating alphabet vegetable, which I don't really like, but settled for becuase I was starving and that was all they had in the bookstore. I am pre-occupied with worries about all the usual things I wind up worrying about on a daily basis--money, writing, time, love. I've been throwing myself into finishing layouts and filling orders, but I perpetrually feel as if I'm not doing as much as I should in the time I have. It's like you want to be a a warm knife carving through butter, but really the butter is all cold and everything is too slippery and takes more time than it should. Meanwhile, I am assembling books with dead Elvis characters and laying one out with foxes that masquerade as girls. I love the work we publish so much, and am excited about the new stuff I'll be taking on for next year, but even press stuff isn't helping tonight. I am hoping, as soon as I finish a couple of other things, to play with some collage bits, which will hopefully put me in a better mood (or at least trick me into thinking I am).

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