Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I have been slowly pushing through this week despite the wonky schedule I'm working during the summer break and general exhaustion. I do have a bit more time to finish things at the studio in the evening, which is nice, but that still means I am getting home close to 11pm most nights, to bed maybe by 2, and then up again at 7am. With the extra time, I have managed to close up the backlog of orders that have been slamming me lately, as well as have been working steadily on new titles that should have been out a couple months ago. Also, some lingering projects of my own, including the mini-print sets for botanica automata, which have been sitting uncut by my paper trimmer for months unfinished. There is still the fashion postcards, for which I am still searching for some cool packaging, and after that, I will probably be focusing on the shipwreck book, which is both text and art, and for which I am securing the most gorgeous midnight blue cardstock. I'm still hoping to have it ready for Printers Row, as well as another event the following weekend I am still working on setting up (we have some poets who will be ambling into town that weekend.)

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