Thursday, May 10, 2012

This morning on the bus ride to work I had one of those awesome creative convergence moments where one idea (a vague and formless idea/title for a short project I'd put in my notebook a year or so back)suddenly locked in with what started to be maybe a blog entry but turned into a lyric essay I was writing notes for in my head. As it developed it became less and less a coherent essay and more fragmented and suddenly I could see the whole project unfolding. I made a few furious notes as soon as I got to work in the private blog I had started for that project when it was more amorphous. Now I just need to flesh it out. f course, as usual there is a long queue of projects that I'd like to finish before that, bits and pieces of series of poems and pictures and various things. I may never finish them all but at least I will never run out of ideas. At this rate, I'm good for another decade or so.

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