Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I think the plan for this year is themed around the idea of "new". As in "in with the". As in "out with the old." There are alot of things I just need to let go of in terms of certain relationships and endeavors that I need to stop obsessing over. A new plan of attack on taming the tangle of things I do and live. Or heck any plan at all instead of continually putting out fires. There are also ways of thinking I need finally to let go of, about poetry, about po-biz, about the way things should be done that don't really make any sense to me or for me. I know alot of people feel like they get to a certain age and they haven't really done all the things they planned when they were young. I feel like I have done far more than I ever imagined myself doing by this age (at lease education, creative, and career-wise: barring a couple of ridiculous impractical things), but I also feel like I'm rushing, rushing, rushing, and never take nearly enough time to enjoy things that I have taken on and accomplished. I have gotten very good at going after, or at least attempting to go after the things I want without holding back anything, and depite occasions when I feel like the scaredest scaredy-cat in the world, I'm actually pretty brave when it comes to facing initimidating things, be they creative or personal. I need to remember this sometimes when I'm feeling down or doubtful about whatever situation.

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