Thursday, January 17, 2008

I've spent some time the last two days slightly revamping my website, which was getting way too unruly and was looking a little blah. I still like my diagrams on each page, but I wanted a little punch of color. As I talked about here, I'm obsessed with a pretty light blue going towards green, so I used that. Still somewhat neutral (and I'm a fan of neutrals) but pretty.

In other random newesiness, the accepted pieces for billet doux are starting to filter in and I'm getting so excited about this project I may bust. I'm working on a hand stamp for the cover (lid) but don't have anything definitive yet. I also can't wait to show you the cover for Melissa Severin's Brute Fact, designed by artist Seth Johnson and freakin awesome.

It's also been confirmed that I will be reading at GSU on April 23rd with fiction writer Michael Martone, which means I can start making plans for the trip. I'll be road tripping it of course, and will likely be heading afterwards over down to Savannah for a few days for a little vacation, which I am in desperate need of, believe me. (Christmas break wasn't exactly much of a vacation really..or at least it didn't feel like it was.)

At least I am facing a three day weekend head-on this week. I plan to work on stuff for the shop, revise some work, finish up bird museum, and maybe go see The Orphanage, which looks interesting...It's supposed to be freezing here though, so maybe I'll spend the weekend in bed...

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