Thursday, January 17, 2008

vintage obsession #1

I've been posting a few new sweaters, and will be over the next couple of weeks before I move more to spring and summer wraps. I admit it, I'm a freak for shopping companion has actually once said to me "put the sweater down and move AWAY from the cashmere" in the middle of a Filene's Basement. There may have been some bloodshed. There's plenty for the picking vintage-wise, since they hold up so well, but since I'm a bit on the rubenesque side myself, I usually have to buy new and deeply discounted, but there are so many vintage, inexpensive lovelies out there I just had to start putting them in the shop. I mean, they look so lovely over the slips as well, and are super soft. Some are really thick and luxurious, perfect for winter layering needs. Some, like the one above, have fancy beading , trims, and details--a certain craftmanship you rarely get on clothes these days--or at least on affordable clothes for you and me.

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