Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I’ve bought a woefully lot of art via etsy over the past year or so, enough indeed that I’ve run out of places to put it. I’ve been swapping things out, putting some in frames, some in drawers, then switching them around. I have a few of my own collages up, as well as a couple large French Poster Art prints (another of my obsessions), and the above dancer postcard, which hangs in my bedroom. The rest are artists I’ve found on etsy, however, including bird prints from Oh My Cavalier, a bunch of photomontages by Art & Ghosts, a couple of photo’s over the bookshelf by Lightleaks, a photo by Alicia Bock on my fireplace with another woodblock print by Mlee in addition to lots of postcards by various others on my corkboard. It’s getting a little out of hand, and has now even spread to the studio, where I recently found a place for this. (Madelaine was even gracious enough to let me use it for wicked alice cover.) And who can forget Caryn Drexel's awesome cover for this book.

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