Tuesday, May 08, 2007

five songs that knock my socks off

I haven't exactly been tagged, but then I'm presumptious like that. I've never been all that much of a music-head sort of person, as my sister (who is) will attest. I tend to, on occasion, secretly like rather uncool things like Fleetwood Mac and Shakira.

But here they are:

1)Dancing Barefoot--Patti Smith
2)Hotel California--The Eagles
3)Seether--Veruca Salt
5)Siren--Tori Amos


jeannine said...

Ooh, I forgot about "Seether" and "Violet" in my five. Darn! Good songs! I saw Veruca Salt perform "Seether" and what was really funny was her very tiny speaking voice cursing at top volume before she started singing.

k1tchenwitch said...

I love love love "Violet" ~ and play it a lot, for some reason, when my in-laws visit. It makes me feel better. :)