Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I think I actually may have done a far better job on the Chaucer final today than I thought I might going in. Luckily, I suspected he might ask us about the so-called "marriage group" of tales and had been thinking about that the last couple days. So that nightmare, at least, is over. I have to sit through another workshop in ekphrastic on Thursday (painful) but at least it isn't my poems this week. After that, Manifest, the big arts fest brouhaha, is on Friday, and there's a department reception/reading, which is serving as the only sort of graduation thing I'm doing, since I'm not big on the dog and pony show of commencement. Then to Rockford for the weekend for Mother's Day.

Hopefully, things will settle down for the summer. I'm equipt with my novels and my flipflops. Lots of iced tea. Also a wierd carnivorous craving for grilled meat. Lots of poem ideas for the new book. Lots of other stuff to read I've been collecting all year (some of it, I swear, the last FOUR years). Also, yesterday, got my first Dusie Kollectiv chap courtesy of Anne Heide, who had to send hers out early. She's awesome, check out her work in the new wicked alice. It's a skinny yellow printed envelope, and a sheaf of pages folded and sewn all pretty lengthwise.

I just finished laying out the next chapbook, Khadijah Queen's no isla encanta and sent them for proofing. Tonight the plan is to do a little house tidying, and if the office supply fairy has delivered toner via UPS (and my printer likes it) to finish the photo inserts for Scenes.

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Christine said...

Chaucer, Chaucer, Chaucer!

I love him. I'm right in the midst of writing a paper on The Wife of Bath.