Thursday, May 10, 2007

If you've seen that Parker Posey movie Party Girl (one of my favorite movies), you know the dream sequence in which she is pelted with an endless amount of books falling down a long staircase? Yeah, that's what I feel like today. I must have checked in over 200 books tonight alone. It's been a weird day besides that. I arrived at work to find everyone milling about on the sidewalk--apparently there'd been a bomb threat and everyone had been evacuated two hours before that. Then later, when I was going to class, there was one of these just sitting still in the middle of the sidewalk. Alive, blinking, but just sitting there very still while people walked around him. I'm guessing he may have hit the window and was stunned. I've seen the pigeons sit there on the sidewalk like that, but only when its subzero and they're cold. This was just weird. He was gone when I came back, so I'm thinking he was okay. Then, my last class, and me just antsy for it to be over. And then an overflow of books and just tiredness from carting them around. Tomorrow, I'm not working, but my parents will be here at noon to go to the Manifest reading, and I'm guessing I won't be able to get much accomplished this weekend press-wise, even though I'm behind on assembling Scenes because of my printer issues. I've finally gotten the inserts done and everything ready to be assembled. Also, the next chap is ready to go for next weekend.

There has been a slight change of plans with the Cornell project. Because, once I made the mock-up, I realized the thing weighs quite a bit, and sending out something like that to the 70 odd Dusie Kollectiv folks might be a huge sum of money up front, I'm just going with another project for the exchange, a little series I've been working on the last month or so, inspired by an older poem I've been fiddling with for years, the secret life of libraries. It's plenty long enough to do a chap, can be cheaply done, and mailed for peanuts. The Cornell project, however, will still be available in June via dgp in all it's hefty glory. That way the postage comes out of the purchase price, rather than my pocket.


Laura said...

~just a note to let you know what a huge fan I am of your work~
ANd I am looking forward to your Cornell Project~

wickedpen said...

Thank you!