Sunday, March 22, 2020

unusual creatures

Amidst the dreariness, one tiny bright poetry-related spot has shimmered through.  My pieces in the new issue of Tupelo Quarterly went live this week. In the works for a few years, during which it's been picked up and put down again, unusual creatures is a story told in fragments of image and text--diaries, letters, other ephemera. The first part was a series of collages incorporating a stash of altered vintage cabinet cards & photos that had been passed on to me from my mother's side created in 2012. The second was a site-specific installation in 2015's creepy curiousities A of R exhibit, which also included the photos. in 2017, I was able to complete the textual portions--telling the story of three generations of women and steeped in  creepy victorian seances and taxidermy research.

The goal is for the project to eventually manifest as a box project involving pamphlets, postcards, and ephemera, but the logistics just haven't been possible due to time and budget constraints, but it's something I would like to make happen before the end of this year at the very least.  While the images have been shared and published in a few places, this is a first peek at some of the text portions...enjoy!

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