Sunday, February 02, 2020

notes & things | 2/02/20

Today, there is sunlight, which seems like a first for WEEKS  (and I actually think this is not just hyperbole--January was super gray and cloudy, but thankfully less winter-horrible than previous years, so it's a trade I'll take. )  We have reached February, after a long beginning to the year, and a new semester, which is already underway in terms of planning and exhibits.  Tomorrow night is our first zine night devoted to Afrofuturist art & media and Friday, I spent some time compiling my research from this week into a resource zine and some exhibit materials.   Submissions for the exhibit on imagined worlds opens in early March and already things are looking lush and promising.

I am trying not to get swept under in the meantime with reserve processing and ILL duties still, but hopefully not for long at all now, on my plate.   I've gone back to an older system of dividing up tasks through the week--at least the more involved ones--by focusing on one area per day, so last week felt productive, though there was still a lot of looses ends come Friday, especially since this is the probably the most intense my library work gets on a semesterly basis (last October's self-imposed crazy withstanding).

This afternoon, I gave the poets zodiac a final once over and tightened a few screws, which means I plan to start layout on the books & objects project this week.  I've penciled in Friday if it kills me.    I did not hit even a fraction of my January goals, when so much feels like surviving, but I've moved them to February.  While I didn't write everyday it was harder during J-Term, which shortened my morning hours at home I did get a bunch of pelt fragments, and two new starts on other things.  So far I haven't submitted a stitch, but there are some things that are ready, and maybe I'll be able to get to them this week.

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